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It is a national platform that connects employers in every Province and Territory with the young groups and vurneable youth. Our user-friendly system allows candidates to apply for multiple jobs quickly and efficiently.

Lately, young people in Canada have been experiencing difficulties finding full-time permanent and suitable employment due to ongoing changing labor market conditions, automation, the rise of precarious jobs and part-time work. In addition, there are mismatches between supply and demand, including job requirements and skills they gain after completing schooling. Nowadays, post-secondary education graduates are underemployed as they simplhy don’t have enough skills necessary for the first job. They just don’t gain enough ‘real-life skills’ or don’t know which specialized course to take. For young people with low levels of education even poor quality, entry-level jobs can be entirely out of reach.


We specialize in helping Canadian employers and have been helping hire youth workers for years.


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Why Canadian Youth Hire

‘Many Canadian children must cope with unduly negative life experiences, such as racial and ethnic prejudice, severe learning and behavior problems, inadequate parenting, family violence, and poverty. These children are vulnerable. They are children whose chances of leading healthy and productive lives are somewhat reduced unless there is a concerted and prolonged effort to intervene on their behalf. In 1994, Human Resources Development Canada, in cooperation with Statistics Canada, launched the National Longitudinal Study of Children and Youth (NLSCY), a study of a nationally representative sample of over 20,000 Canadian children and their families’

‘The study estimated that 28.6% of Canadian children are vulnerable. The high prevalence of childhood vulnerability is not due solely to children living in poverty: they also found that vulnerability was only weakly associated with family income and other socioeconomic factors. Rather, four factors emerged as strong predictors of whether or not a child is vulnerable: the “style” of parenting in the home, the cohesiveness of the family unit, the mental health of the mother, and the extent to which parents engage with their children in learning and play activities. Families that were strong on these factors were found in rich and poor families alike’ *


 Some studies state that situation for vulnerable youth in Canada’s North is even worse than in the south. website states the following:

‘Any discussion of “vulnerable youth” must begin by defining the scope and meaning of that term.  In this article, I include those persons under the age of 18 years who are particularly vulnerable to neglect, and/or harm of various sorts.  Sometimes this is a result of poverty alone, and parental inability to provide as completely for all of the child(ren)’s needs as we would hope, given the wealth in Canadian society.  In other situations, the needs of a child go beyond this, and include the requirement to be protected from direct harm.  This includes sexual, physical and emotional abuse, as well as harm which can be caused by, or which can flow from, exposure to substance abuse problems of parents or other caregivers, and parental or other forms of adult violence’*


The Advantage

There is some government funding available for vulnerable children and youth. Applicant guide: Funding for Social Development Partnerships Program – Children and Families – Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Children and Youth:

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    • Posted 6 months ago
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    West Coast Grill and Oyster Bar Kelowna
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    Chances Prince Rupert 
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