About Canadian Youth Hire

It is a national platform that connects employers in every Province and Territory with the young employment groups and vulnerable youth. Our user-friendly system allows candidates to apply for multiple jobs quickly and efficiently.

Lately, young people in Canada have been experiencing difficulties finding full-time permanent and suitable employment due to ongoing changing labor market conditions, automation, the rise of precarious jobs and part-time work. In addition, there are mismatches between supply and demand, including job requirements and skills they gain after completing schooling. Nowadays, post-secondary education graduates are underemployed as they simply don’t have enough skills necessary for the first job. They just don’t gain enough ‘real-life skills’ or don’t know which specialized course to take. For young people with low levels of education even poor quality, entry-level jobs can be entirely out of reach.

We strive to strengthen vulnerable Youth in Canada by providing them with quality jobs.

Canada Youth Hire is explicitly designed to assist in recruiting vulnerable Youth in Canada. Our Job Portal allows Canadian employers to hire Youth while providing specialized job search portals to find their desired jobs. We offer a comprehensive list of jobs in Canada specifically for Youth. 

If you’ve been waiting for a hiring call or are tired of hundreds of useless applications, you should consider this Job Portal. Canada Youth Hire allows you to search the available jobs for Youth in Canada in seconds by simply entering the keywords that best match your skills. Our Job Portal provides an affordable way for employers looking to hire Canadian Youth to advertise their openings and fill them quickly.


Visit our Jobs page and view our available listings today. Our portal is open 24x7.