Internships vs. apprenticeships

Both internships and apprenticeships provide a valuable experience for your youth. They can lead to full-time employment.

Internships offer valuable initial experience and can provide an excellent jump start for your career. They are typically short-term experiences that tend to last a few months. Completing internships should help young people learn about the career they are interested in. Internship programs also help young workers gain excellent skills and give them an insight into a particular industry. Interns are usually not looking for an immediate job, but rather a resume booster.

Apprenticeships are longer training programs, lasting from several months to several years. When apprentices finish the program, they are ready to work in the field in which they are trained. Young and brand new employees can be confident that they have the skills and qualifications that they need to get a job. Employers can then permanently hire apprentices once they complete the program.

When hiring young employees for internships and apprenticeships, you get to pass your knowledge and skills on to a young worker. These programs also give you the opportunity to see if you like the workers before you permanently hire them. And, as you incorporate younger employees into your business, your other employees will adjust and create a welcoming environment.

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